RE: Phoelasticity tests on stereolithography models

From: Lightman, Allan J. (
Date: Wed May 21 1997 - 15:29:00 EEST

Giannis Giannatsis asked:

Hello everyone,
I have just noticed a message from Du pont concerning the old and new
resins she provides for use in the EOS machines, and I especially liked
the idea of a transparent resin like Somos 3100 Series. I am currently
interested in mechanical tests on RP models (especially bio-medical
models) and especially for photoelasticity tests so a transparent resin
may be the answer.

Till now I have come up with two possible ways of doing such tests in
medical stereolithography models. The first one is by using the model
itself, which I think must be made as transparent as possible. The
second way must be using the model in a secondary process (silicon
moulding maybe?) to produce the necessary parts for testing. Does anyone
have any experience on such tests, or have any relevant information ?

Thank you in advance for your answers .

Giannis Giannatsis (
Dept. of Industrial Management
Univ. of Piraeus


There have been several papers illustrating the use of RP models for
stress analysis. I refer you to:

E. Gargiulo, "Stereolithography for Photoelastic Stress Analysis,"
Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Rapid Prototyping,
Dayton, Ohio, June 1993.

T. W. Corby, Jr., "Frozen-Stress Photoelastic Analysis of Rapid
Prototype Stereolithography Models," Proceedings of the Seventh
International Conference on Rapid Prototyping, San Francisco, CA, March

Allan Lightman
University of Dayton

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