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Society of Manufacturing Engineers and Society of Automotive Engineers
Join Forces for the First Time: Sponsor Rapid Prototyping Event for
Automotive Audience

September 4-5, 1997 at Hyatt Regency, Dearborn, Michigan

        Dearborn, Mich - - May 15, 1997 -- "Two major societies that impact
the forces of automotive manufacturing, join together in partnership to
present a technology that cuts time and costs in getting new cars to
market," said Vern Schmidt, founding board member and past chairman of
the Rapid Prototyping Association of the Society of Manufacturing
Engineers (RPA/SME), Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) member and
plant vehicle engineering manager, Chrysler Corporation.

        SAE, will join RPA/SME in bringing a rapid prototyping event, "Rapid
Prototyping and Tooling for the Automotive Industry," to the automotive
industry -- manufacturers and their suppliers.
        "SME, under its Rapid Prototyping Association, has held many successful
rapid prototyping events over the last five years," said Philip Trimble,
general manager and executive director of SME. "It's an exciting first
to see SME joined by SAE to provide a first-time, first-class event
targeted specifically to the automotive sector."
        "Rapid Prototyping technology is making a tremendous impact in
automotive manufacturing. SAE is excited about teaming with RPA/SME to
bring together an outstanding program. This is truly a unique
opportunity of RPA/SME and SAE to be partners in sponsoring this
conference and I'm sure SAE members working with rapid prototyping
technology will be very interested in attending this program, " said Max
Rumbaugh, executive vice president of SAE.
        "The Big 3 currently use rapid prototyping technology to develop new
products, however the technology has yet to be embraced by the majority
of their suppliers," said Schmidt. "For the Big 3 to pass on cost
savings to its customers and bring cars to market faster, suppliers must
learn rapid prototyping."
        Rapid Prototyping and Tooling for the Automotive Industry will be held
September 4-5, 1997 at the Hyatt Regency, Dearborn, Michigan. For more
information regarding this event, contact Lori Hastie, (313) 271-1500,
ext 599, fax (313) 240-8254, or email rapid@sme.org.

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