Re: 3D Systems Upgrades SLA-500 At No Cost

From: Nick Schaefer (
Date: Wed May 21 1997 - 22:56:50 EEST

> Isn't that special?
> Since 3D Systems is so generous with free upgrades for SLA500 owners, perhaps
> they can find it in their hearts to provide Maestro version 1.8 to the HP users
> who PAID FOR IT under a software maintenance contract. 3D's stated position is
> that since there are so few of us HP users, it "wasn't worth their resources" to
> develop 1.8 for us.

That would be nice!

We have an SLA250/50 that is ~ 3 years old. When the machine was purchased
we insisted on workstation software ported to HP-UX for 9000/700 Series.
After a short time 3D Systems provided an alpha version of slice and
view that we could run on HP_UX in command line mode only. We withheld
payment of $10,000 from the original purchase until we received a
public release of software. After several months of discussions with
3D Systems, I finally got a beta release of Partman and View, then after
a few beta versions the release version came and HP purchased QuickCast
at $10,000 and payed the $10,000 withheld from the original SLA purchase.

I have asked repeatedly for software upgrades for HP workstations.
I have also requested a floating license scheme of some sort (any sort)
which 3D says they have had several requests for but have no intentions
of providing.

My last conversation with 3D about Maestro 1.8 on HP workstations is
that it's not going to happen, but will be available with Maestro 1.9
later this year.

I have also asked for Maestro for NT since it appeared that 3D was not
going to provide software for HP-UX and my personal opinion is that
most end users will be using NT in the not-too-distant future. For a
while some people at 3D said they would have all their software ported
to NT by the end of 1996 and I should check back then. I did check
with them towards the end of last year and they said they were not
porting everything to NT after all and really had no idea why I would
think such a thing.

HP workstations have been among the leaders for a number of years and
are now leading in many areas. 3D tells me they have many customers
and potential customers using HP workstations and they are most
definately planning to support them. The only thing that 3D Systems is
not saying is WHEN.

I am currently looking at other software providers to find some way
of compensating for Z level accuracy since I have given up on any hope
of 3D Systems porting current software to HP-UX.

We have been looking at machines with a larger build size capability but
have ruled out 3D Systems machines due to the problems with software
ported to HP workstations.

With all that said, I would like to say that I have been very happy with
SLA hardware support and the SLA 250/50 itself.

> Meanwhile, I'm stuck with a lame version of Maestro that can't even write a .PRM
> file that will work without editing.
> Rick Lott
> Hughes Space and Communications
> Los Angeles



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