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Date: Thu May 22 1997 - 13:38:34 EEST

>As far as my research has found one can buy a Taiwanese Heavy Duty knee mill
>with American Controller/Servos for around $30K and up. You can purchase a
>top" mill for not much less. The only reason for buying one of these toy mills
>would seem to be lack of shop space.
>Andy Scott

Hi Andy,

Our lowest priced desktop mill does cost you about USD 1 K (you read it
correctly: 1,000 US dollars). It is called the Modela and can only machine foam.
Next machine, for all non-metals is priced ca USD 6,000 (MBP 2030).
In my opionion this sure is 'much less' than $30K
(NB: all prices excluding shipment).

So the only reason for NOT buying such a lowcost machine would be
that you recently have acquired a $30K machine.

In fact at these low prices it does make sense to have a CNC based RP machine
located next to every CAD station that is being used for 3D design. Most CAD
are willing to pay $ 3,000 for a large monitor, in order to get a good view
of what
they are designing. For this aim the dollars used for a 3D output device
are spent
more effectively.

Keyword: Concept Modelling !


Lex Lennings.

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