On upgrades and Henry Ford.......

From: pattisow@dtm-corp.com
Date: Thu May 22 1997 - 23:45:57 EEST

     To All-
     1. DTM Corporation does not consider the market to be saturated. We
     continue to search for new materials and applications, as well as new
     customers who can benefit from those applications.
     2. One should not assume that because our "best process engineer" is
     now head of Marketing, that he will be absent from the product
     development process, or that you can "kiss development goodbye". As
     my colleague, Mr. Krause, pointed out, the idea is to carry out our
     development work with greater effectiveness. Dr. McAlea, whose new
     responsibilities also include Business Development, is the ideal
     candidate for this task because of his ability to consider customer
     needs, market demand, and technical issues. Further, our material
     development efforts remain in very competent hands.
     3. We realize that customers want colors other than black, as Mr.
     Ford discovered some time ago. It is for this exact reason that this
     move has been made. We are confident that we will be able to provide
     even more versatility, productivity, and service as a result.
     4. This is not an official statement. This is merely an unauthorized
     attempt by me to clarify what seems to be some misinterpretation of
     the situation, and to score some Brownie Points with our Materials
     Will Pattison
     Applications Manager,
     DTM Corporation

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