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From: Gill Barequet (
Date: Thu May 22 1997 - 23:12:17 EEST

On Thu, 22 May 97 14:45:57 cst Will Pattison from DTM wrote:

> 2. One should not assume that because our "best process engineer" is
> now head of Marketing, that he will be absent from the product
> development process, or that you can "kiss development goodbye". As
> my colleague, Mr. Krause, pointed out, the idea is to carry out our
> development work with greater effectiveness. Dr. McAlea, whose new
> responsibilities also include Business Development, is the ideal
> candidate for this task because of his ability to consider customer
> needs, market demand, and technical issues. Further, our material
> development efforts remain in very competent hands.

You are internal to DTM; you should know.
This reminds me that on late '92 (or early '93) Mr. Barry Ben Ezra
changed position in Cubital Ltd. from "VP Research and Development"
to "VP Business Development and Special Programs".
In the time perspective one can only speculate whether R&D (in this
firm) was thereafter carried out with greater effectiveness or not.


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