Transparent Resins

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Date: Fri May 23 1997 - 16:54:10 EEST

Dear Sadegh,

I really don't know many things about the process followed in photoelastic tests ,as i am not even an engineer :-) , but some of my professors have proposed that in order to measure the internal stresses you need to have models as transparent as possible. I am aware of the fact that there are photoelastic materials for coating, or casting which can be used in a secondary process, but i thought that it can be useful to have transparent models directly from Stereolithography. Maybe i am wrong because i am quite new at the subject, so please correct me if you think otherwise. Any help from your side will be appreciated.

Best Regards

Giannis Giannatsis
CAD/CAM Laboratory
Dept. of Industrial Management
Univ. of Piraeus

Dear Giannis,

Could you tell me what is the benefit of having a transparent resin
like Somos 3100 Series? By the way I am doing a full range of tests
on epoxy 5170.


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