Progress towards the real thing

Date: Fri May 23 1997 - 17:09:17 EEST

 Though there is some progress in Rapid Tooling as an extension of
 the RP, still we as a community are waiting for the real thing and
 that is the ability to create the component. Some thing which is
 close to the actual design in material properties also. Layered
 manufacturing is not a new thing, infact potters used to (and still)
 create by this method, what is new is the aid of a computer to do
 this work , like any other field of engineering. So after a lot of
 iynitial enthusiasm, people are correct if they say what is so exciting
 about it?

 We all are aware of the limitations in terms of accuracy, surface
 finish, material for this technology. Still it is not possible to
 get the same degree of finish which a potter gives to his creation.
 You may well say that he is a human, but then what is automatiuon!
 No, I am not here to say against the RP, but I feel that the progress
 towards the real thing is not as expected by the people and thus the
 initial enthu is down.


 A. D. Bhatt

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