Re: Progress towards the real thing

From: George Sachs (
Date: Fri May 23 1997 - 20:57:28 EEST

Dr. Fadel is hitting the nail on the head! All these technologies are the
result of a lot of time consuming research and development. If money is not
re-invested for such research, then progress will be slow. Also software
development, though at first much less expensive than hardware development,
actually can cost a tremendous amount if you want to end up with a product
that actually works 99.9% of the time. Most of the CAD/CAM/RP products out
there which I have seen, don't achieve such goals (i.e. there are many
problems with data exchange, robustness, speed, bugs).

>Remember that the Industry of the nineties is driven by profits, and
>unfortunately this translates into less research, less investment in
>technology, less risk taking.
>Elaine and some others talked about going beyond black, and thinking about
>colors. Yes, we want colors, we want textures, we want multi materials,
>we want size, we want detail, we want replicators.
>This is where research is heading, but who supports this research?
>Only the partnerships between Industry, Government and
>Research labs will produce the results we all want, just be patient and voice
>your wishes.
>Georges M. Fadel

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