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Date: Sat May 24 1997 - 04:02:56 EEST

     Not sure what the original question was that started this... but, as a
     11 year veteran in digitizing, the field will explode due to new
     developments in software which can take ANSI point cloud and tranform
     that data into a viable surfaced models (virtual 3D models)...
     As a product development company serving multiple industries we're
     exploiting the possibilities. Think of the toy industry or complex
     geometries ergonomically designed that are impossible to design in
     CAD. Impossible because of complex sculptural forms. Software
     packages are not capable of facilitating the designer and/or the
     scupltur in many instances. Further even if the software was capable,
     the typical high-end CAD jock does not fit the design/sculptur
     We're succesful using a touch probe/CMM process dovetailed with
     Imageware's Surface Modeler.
     We have now completed 2 projects using Imagewares Surfacer.
     One was a sculpture to be used in a consumer personal care product
     (child's toothbrush (caricature of an animal)). The surfaced model
     created through Imageware's product was ported into SDRC MS and
     ultimately used by a Belgium toolmaker to design a 16 cavity
     production injection mold and CNC the electrodes needed to EDM the
     The second project was a joy stick designed by a design firm
     specializing in human ergonomics. (No CAD data, very complex surface
     geometry/form). The product was for an industrial application. Our
     client wanted design in ProE for archive. As the product developer,
     engineer, tool maker and producer, we needed to perform assembly
     design, structural analysis, mold flow, build design verification
     models and tools. The product was perfect for DTM's SLS RapidTool
     process. Without the 3D enabling CAD data none of these time
     compression attributes would have been assessable. AND without
     digitizing, access to 3D technologies was virtually impossible.
     Many industries are shut out of these time saving technologies because
     of the nature of their products. Reverse imaging (a.k.a.. Reverse
     Engineering) allows access to them. It facilitates merging
     traditional model making, sculpting, complex designs to maintain the
     creative integrity of their products.
     Clearing the air and justifing the means.
     Jim Williams, President/CEO
     Paramount Industries, Inc.
     2475 Big Oak Road
     Langhorne, PA 19047
     215.757.9784 fax
     A Rapid Product Development Company

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Subject: Re: reverse engineering
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Date: 5/23/97 2:46 PM

Can't say if the reverse engineering is "valuable", but it is already available
and being sold. So someone thinks so.
Andy Scott

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