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From: M. Burns ( ((
Date: Sun May 25 1997 - 04:14:30 EEST

Dear Colleagues,

     A friend has asked about university courses using the book
"Automated Fabrication," written by myself, as a text. It has occurred to
me that it may be useful to prepare a list of schools and instuctors
using the book so that interested students can find good places to study
"fabricator science" (a name I have considered for the academic
discipline, analogous to "computer science"), and so that like-minded
instructors can exchange information and compare notes on supplementary
materials, exams, etc. Also, if we had data on usage of the book, it may
help in arranging for funds to support the preparation of a new edition.

     If you'd like to be included on a list of schools that use the book,
and optionally participate in information exchange with other instructors
that do, please reply to this message. Also, if you like, you may attach
a course description by e-mail or fax. I will prepare the list of courses
and instructors and send it to each person listed on it, together with
any course descriptions received. When Ennex sets up its Web site (soon),
maybe we can include a section for the information exchange referred to

     I myself have taught courses using the book at Caltech and USC, and
will include their descriptions in the materials sent to all

     Thank you for making "Automated Fabrication" a success. Of course,
any suggestions for improving the text will be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,
Marshall Burns

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