Supplier Adhesive resin

From: Victor Devadas (
Date: Mon May 26 1997 - 16:21:46 EEST

  Dear RP users,
 Whenever I build a large part on the SLA 250, I would have to build in 2
 halves and then use a adhesive resin to glue the 2 halves togather. I
 have used many types of resin but sofar the best I have used is from a
 company in US, known as BLEHM Plastics Inc. I had come across this resin
 by chance, it is known as BP 9024, Quick Set Adhesive. Howver I am unable
 to trace the manufacturer and purchase it. Can any one assist in locating
 the supplier/manufacturer known as BLEHM Plastics Inc. ?
 Thank you

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