market saturation

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Date: Mon May 26 1997 - 17:40:07 EEST (C.McArdle) wrote:

>The capacity available out there
>is excess relative to demand.

Hasn't this always been the case with RP? I've been in the business for
almost 7 years and have yet to see people waiting in line to get RP
machines or services. The market has to be conquered, and we are the ones
who have to do it. In the case of RP this is more than usually difficult
because, aside from actually convincing the client to go with you and not
with someone else, you also have to effect a cultural change in his way of
thinking about how products are manufactured. Thus, unlike more established
sectors, we are CREATING our market as we progress in it. It needs a lot of
hard work, since most of us are lazy and suspicious of novelty. At this
point I suspect "market saturation" is a convenient label for a washed-out
sales force unable to think of anything interesting to say, but maybe I'm

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