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> The talk about market saturation at 2500 units is absolute nonsense. I
> am investigating NICHE markets that have needs for four to ten times
> this number of units. In one of our studies, we have found more than
> thirty thousand companies in the US alone that have a need for RP. The
> international market requirements will more than double this. This
> would indicate that more than 70,000 companies have a need for RP. When
> you figure that many of these companies have needs for multiple units,
> the potential market is at least two orders of magnitude higher than the
> 2500 units that were mentioned.
> This discussion reminds me of IBM's original forecast of $25M for the
> 3250 graphic systems that Sanders designed and produced for Big Blue.
> The final numbers on this product and the derivative products ended up
> at $1.5B. Even IBM can miss its market forcasts by a wide mark.
> What is needed to meet these larger markets?
> 1. Easier to use 3D software. e.g. JewelCad is making the design of
> jewelry possible by model makers (i.e. people) who are not previously
> trained in CAD. This is an area where the universities and colleges can
> make a significant contribution.
> 2. Lower cost RP systems- This will come with larger volume sales.
I would like to add, that RP systems should be improved concerning
accuracy, building speed, materials (direct metal) in order to meet market
(customer) demands. As I know many workshops in Japan hesitate with the
introduction of RP, because of such issues.

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