RE: 3d Software needed

From: michael rees (
Date: Mon May 26 1997 - 20:56:57 EEST

Dear Jon,

I don't know what you do or are looking for specifically but you may
want to check out form Z. I am a form z reseller and will give you a
good price on it. It lacks certain "engineering features" such as
associativity but it makes up for it in flexibility and the
incorporation of tools that engineering cad doesn't have. You could get
a modeling only version of this program for list $1500. Check out their
site and dowload a demo and if you are intersted, I can work something
out with you. Many industrial designers use it and it can transfer
files between many cad cam and cae programs without much trouble.

form z is a surface solid hybrid modeler. It makes stl files easily.


michael rees
4501 belleview
kansas city mo 64111

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