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Date: Tue May 27 1997 - 12:31:33 EEST

(Since I did not receive my own message, I suppose also other people did not receive this message.
So I send it again. Please ignore if you have already received it)

Hello RP World,

We have updated our web-site with a new lay-out and with information about our latest products.
Some of these products were not officially presented on this list.
Here is an overview of new products, released in the last two months :

1. Magics RP for Windows 95 and NT (New product !)

This STL software offers all the tools needed for every RP-user :
- Automatic STL fixing.
- Real Time visualisation.
- Cross sections and hollow display.
- detection of bad STL files.
- Automatic and interactive normal fixing.
- Automatic gap fixing.
- STL editing.
- STL cutting and punching (also along non straight lines)
- Extrude surfaces.
- Boolean operations (Unite, subtract, intersect)
- Build time estimation with self learning features.
- automatic nesting on a platform.
- STL measuring.
- Z-compensation.
- duplicate parts.
- VRML output.
- ...

All these tools for only 3.500 US $ !
As a separate option, the Brock Rooney STL to IGES convertor is integrated in the software.

A free one month evaluation version is available on the web site.

2. RP-WW (New product)

RPWW stands for Rapid Prototyping Web Watch. RPWW is used for monitoring rapid prototyping processes from anywhere in the office or at home, using the Internet. With RPWW you can watch your part building, follow the control computer screens, stay updated on the build-planning and be informed by pager or telephone call when the part is finished.

This product is a server computer with software that will make images from your machine and from the screen of the control computer, without interfering with the machine.

3. Magics SG 3.5

The interactive support generator from Materialise has been updated further and is now also including STL editing, fixing and boolean operations.

You can learn more about these products via :
our European server :

or the US server :

Contact us if you need more information !

Materialise Software
Kapeldreef 60
B 3001 Leuven - Belgium
tel : +32 16 298 364
fax : +32 16 298 319

Materialise USA
6111 Jackson Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
tel : 313 662 5057
fax : 313 662 7891

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