SV: Stratasys wish list results

From: Tobias Hogstrand (
Date: Thu May 29 1997 - 17:46:15 EEST

Here's the latest official "upgrades" to those mentioned points regarding
the FDM process:

o road rendering in quickslice

> > Available since QuickSlice 4.2.

o sml-editing capability in quickslice o automatic positioner for

> > There has been some minor SML editing functions in QuickSlice for a
long time but I wouldn't recomend using them.

o lighter head with more nozzles and/or materials

> > The head on the new FDM 2000 is lighter to prevent shiftings. Still
two nozzles (.012" and .016", .010" will be released very soon).

o some alternative support structures to minimize support drawing

> > New since QuickSlice 4.0, model caps supported by "Find Support Face"
function for finer surfaces.

o Better lighting inside the cabinet.

> > The new FDM 2000 uses two halogen lights.

o Road sets that could be stored in a file. There is no easy way I
have found to go from the default values. It would be nice to be able
to recall complete sets that you know work for a given situation.

> > An .ini file can now be stored in any name which will contain all user
specified settings. This can be brought up at any time.


> > The FDM 2000 has been improved for higher speeds in X, Y and also Z
moves. The travel speed between roads/tip wipes is also improved. The
time the controller takes to load the buffer is also decreased.
o Surface finish improvement and/or better ways of finishing a model.

> > A new support generation function, a new Z stage move mechanism and
improved filament drive wheels (FDM 2000) together improves the surface
finish of the parts.

o An easy way to clean the cabinet. A lot of material gets swept
down the gaps on each side never to be seen again.
> > Material rests ends up either in the back of the machine (where the
airflow/material hose is mounted) or under the Z box which is three point
mounted in the gantry. They will do no harm to the machine. Take off the
top cover and then i.e. the right side panel. Carefully remove the heat
shield, cut the duct tape and when putting it back on use the same kind of
tape. On FDM 1600 machines there is really not much space so mind the drive

Tobias Hogstrand
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