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Date: Thu May 29 1997 - 19:26:06 EEST

On Monday May 26 I posted this message. I'm not sure that it got through
so I'm reposting. Does anyone else have this trouble that messages
sometimes don't seem to go through to the rpml.

Anyway, I was interested whether anyone agreed, disagreed, or simply
wasn't intersted in the fun, awe, and wonder market.

Here's the previous text:

When is the rp world going to realize they've got gold in their hands.
The market for this technology is the popular market. It is not just the
specialized engineers. The sooner you are getting people to understand
that this is as easy as printing a document at kinkos the more users you
will have. THere are nigh unlimited applications for this stuff and the
number one application is fun, awe, and wonder.

(Many have suggested that the rp industry look closely at the
development of the copier at Xerox).

Don't think there is a market for fun awe and wonder? Well look at
hollywood! ANd look at the numbers. A major growth industry is

Many companies as they develop products want other companies to come in
and fill in the gaps, make products that make their product easier to
use. The real challenge facing the development of the rp market (this
has been eloquently stated by Terry Wohlers) is the development of a cad
program thats as easy as driving a car. Trispectives seems to have
failed in this way, and why? its no damn fun. What's fun? animation
packages. Note recently on the list that Allen Brady is flipping over 3d
Studio max (which is a very nice package).

Obviously part of the problem is the cost of machines and cost of
models. I agree with Marshall burns who once wrote he was tired of
hearing people complain about the cost of RP. For what it does, it is a
dirt cheap miracle. But for the average person who might have a
cad/animation/modeling program. this costs too much.

In my opinion we haven't even begun to realize the market potential of
additive fabrication.

As usual, I'll end my rant with a chant-two of them actually

michael rees
4501 belleview
kansas city mo 64111

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