RE: Machine hour capacity

From: Joe Paxton (
Date: Thu May 29 1997 - 19:53:12 EEST

I think 400 hour month on an RP machine is very low considering it does not require an operator once the build begins.

In a 30 day month, there are 720 hours (24 hours/day). If the machine's capacity is only 400 hours, that is a 44% down time. That's 11 hours per day that the machine is not operating.

The capacity of the machine should be around 600 hours (or more) each month. However, utilizing this capacity may be a problem. Things to consider in utilizing the capacity include:

 - staggering builds so that as much overnight time as possible is used
 - building short jobs during the day, so one can be started and finished in one day and another started before you leave that evening
 - minimizing the time between builds (draining (in an SLA), etc.)

I know this sounds easier than it really is, but my point is that the machine is capable of running much more than most people are making it run.

More comments?

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