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From: Steve Rotzin (
Date: Fri May 30 1997 - 01:57:12 EEST

>>At 8:30 -0700 29/5/97, Steve Rotzin wrote:
>>>We wanted to resubmit this message, as we have had a wonderful response
>>>and been asked to resubmit again.
>>Now for those of us who received the original message, this is something of
>>an imposition, IMO. I am not against on-topic advertising for this list,
>>but I do think all such postings should be clearly labelled as such in the
>>SUBJECT header, e.g. ADVERTISEMENT: 3D laser scanning etc....
>>Yakov Horenstein, Marketing
>>Promau Engineering srl
>>155, Strada per Novara
>>28062 Cameri (NO), ITALY
>>Tel: +39 (0)321 510390 [Direct: +39 (0)2 653512]
>>Fax: +39 (0)321 616068 [Direct: +39 (0)2 2900 6208]
>>E-mail: [Direct:]

Mr. Horenstein and All rp-ml Recipients:

I am the Pres. of Scanlab and was "pursuaded' by a fellow recipient to "let
people know of the new service". Therefore, I placed the "Announcement".
Due to a very nice response and plenty of forwarded messages for 3D laser
scanning and the like, we placed it again.

The question is; "Is this a forum on the nuances of RP, Respective
Tradeshows and Sexual Equality? or An open dialogue on how the industry can
be better served by the give and take of a worldwide database of knowledge.
Ideas and ways to better the industry as a whole should be shared and the
sifting and labeling of an announcement or "advertisement" as it has been
labeled, should be left to the recipient.

If you were offended by the blatent misused of the rp-ml we apologize.
Scanlab's intention was to let the RP community know of an awesome service
available so to better serve your respective clients.

    Stephen Rotzin, Prez
        Scanlab Studios
  3678-A Mt. Diablo Blvd
    Lafayette, CA 94549
 510-284-3752 Tel / 3753 Fax

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