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From: Hodder, David J (
Date: Fri May 30 1997 - 20:35:52 EEST

Steve - we, for one, much appreciate your announcement and others like
it. We are a small Group servicing the varied needs of a large Company -
therefore we cover a much broader field than is normally described as
'RP'. In the interests of keeping our base up to date, this is welcome
info. In fact, it was the most interesting item we've seen on the list
this month, being highly pertinent to some new initiatives we currently
have in the planning stage. Thanks again...
             David J Hodder
Boeing D&SG Helicopters Div.
Mgr., Rapid Prototyping Center
Bldg. 3-29 M/S P38-07
610-591-2653 F -4444

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>Subject: List Advert or Announcement

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