RP'd Pandora's Box

From: Steve (stever@aria-sonics.com)
Date: Sat May 31 1997 - 04:00:09 EEST

To The Fine Recipients of RP-ML:

We have opened Pandora's Box! In fact, Viewpoint might have a .stl file to
the same!

To all of you who wrote in support of Scanlab's announcement/advertisement
or whatever you choose to call it... Thank you ! Your thoughts and words
have been very much appreciated.

The current tally is:

Sour Grapes: 2
Supportive: 15 ( email) 4 ( phone).


             Stephen Rotzin, Prez
                Scanlab Studios
510-284-3923 tel / 510-284-3753 fax
email: stever@aria-sonics.com
3678-A Mt. Diablo Blvd
Lafayette, CA 94549

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