Re: List Advert or Announcement

Date: Sat May 31 1997 - 18:02:40 EEST

My two cents worth would be to be very careful in letting any advertising
happen on this mailing list. I as would all my counterparts love to
advertise everyday on this inexpensive medium, but when this list was created
back in 1993 or before it was to be a place for information sharing not
advertisements and as a group this has been accomplished very well with few
hicups. One very ignorant statement that was made was that said something
like " don't the bigger players want to see the new players come to the
business world." be careful because if we are able to advertise, those
bigger players have many more resources to fill these pages with lots of new
business announcements each day, they can fill this up with so many "new
announcements" that when good information is put out on here, most of us
will just not have the time to read and learn by what this list was created
for. My vote is to continue to not let the announcements happen from the new
start-ups unless it is truely a new announcement or breakthru technology. my
opinion only.

Chuck Wood

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