Job Opportunity

From: James P Harrison (
Date: Thu May 29 1997 - 15:35:38 EEST

    Coulter Corporation in Miami, Florida is a manufacture of blood cell
analysis systems and is seeking to fill a Rapid Prototyping Specialist

Job Requirements:
1. Minimum 1 year in the operation and troubleshooting of 3D Systems
Stereolithography equipment.
2. Extensive experience in part orientation and support structure
creation using Maestro software.
3. Minimum of basic training on Pro/E CAD software.
4. Experience in performing detailed finishing of small parts using hand
& power tools.

Primary Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for cost effective daily operation and maintenance of
Rapid Prototyping Lab.
2. Troubleshoot, maintain and calibrate 2 SLA-250/50's.
3. Maintain records and computer data relevant to the operation of the
RP Lab.
4. Interface and educate internal customers on appropriate applications
of Rapid Prototyping.

Please contact:
Lu Trinh
Phone: 305-380-3139
Fax: 305-380-4571

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