Re: Support Structures for SLA

From: ralott@CCGATE.HAC.COM
Date: Wed Jun 04 2008 - 18:54:49 EEST

     Your note leads me to wonder: Why do you use two support makers? Is
     one better than the other in some situations?
     Rick Lott
     Hughes Space and Communications
     Los Angeles, Calif.

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Subject: Support Structures for SLA
Author: at CCGATE
Date: 6/4/97 6:50 AM

        Here at Hasbro I use either Bridgeworks (Solid Concepts) or Vista
(3DSystems) to generate my support structures when building SL models. Both
are reliable and work well but is there a better way?
I was curious who's using what support generating software? What's the best?
Comments? Suggestions?
    Jason L. Dickman
 Hasbro Toy Group
 Cincinnati, OH.
 tele: 513,579,4752
 fax: 513,579,3250

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