Re: RP vs 5-axis mill

From: Don Wilde (
Date: Wed Jun 04 1997 - 18:12:21 EEST

Hi, Mike -
        A 5-axis is a pretty amazing widget, and it's good for a lot of
things, but there are some pieces that just can't be made, even with
        As far as advantages/disadvantages, a mill is a subtractive
device. You waste all the metal you cut. RP >> metal part systems like
our Soligen Direct Shell Production Casting cast their parts, with all
the advantages and disadvantages of that distinction. Another challenge
you face is holding the work, especially for a complex-surface piece like
a manifold.
        If you use a mill for production, you end up with tool wear
problems which cut down the repeatability of the product's dimensions.
Cast parts, once gated properly, are more consistent.
        Ideally, you want both, because you need to machine the mating
surfaces to tighter tolerances than sand or investment castings can hold.

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