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Date: Wed Jun 04 1997 - 21:13:09 EEST


         I could have guessed that someone would ask me this question. The
fact is that the two do behave quite different. In my opinion bridgeworks
tends to be more difficult to remove during post-process. Also, the Vista
viewer allows for
easier more robust support manipulation. (Maybe it's the CAD guy in me)

         The reason that we use both Vista and Bridgeworks is more a
nostalgic issue than technical. It seems in industry we tend to find
something that works and stick with it. Change is hard. The best way I can
explain is to show a reply I received internally ...

Steve Deak wrote:

"Hasbro's RP Lab was setup during 3D's introduction of Vista software. With
the utility and robustness of Vista unknown, Solid Concepts "Bridgeworks"
was purchased to assure immediate SL Lab success. Steve Deak is an industry
dinosaur and refuses to change his ways, although he is softening his
position in recent months. It's "his way or the highway." Nonetheless, we
have found bridgeworks to be quite easy and fast in support generation,
however cryptic in command line execution when tweaking supports. We have
found several instances where Vista did not automatically recognize geometry
needing support while bridgeworks created sufficient support. Vista's
graphical interface is a plus, but I find the time used in reviewing
supports in Maestro to be more than reviewing BW supports using 3D Systems

Its a matter of preference, how you grew up and how old you are in the industry.

Steve "Tyrannosaurus Rex" Deak

Since I decided to avoid the "highway" :-) I use both...

I posted the original question to get some discussion about supports and
other SL building techniques. Besides, I was tired of reading about non-RP

At 07:54 AM 6/4/97 PST8, you wrote:

> Jason,
> Your note leads me to wonder: Why do you use two support makers? Is
> one better than the other in some situations?
> Rick Lott
> Hughes Space and Communications
> Los Angeles, Calif.
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>Subject: Support Structures for SLA
>Author: at CCGATE
>Date: 6/4/97 6:50 AM
> Here at Hasbro I use either Bridgeworks (Solid Concepts) or Vista
>(3DSystems) to generate my support structures when building SL models. Both
>are reliable and work well but is there a better way?
>I was curious who's using what support generating software? What's the best?
>Comments? Suggestions?
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