Re: Support Structures for SLA

From: Tom Vorgitch (
Date: Thu Jun 05 1997 - 02:34:45 EEST

>Steve Deak wrote:
>"Hasbro's RP Lab was setup during 3D's introduction of Vista software. With
>the utility and robustness of Vista unknown, Solid Concepts "Bridgeworks"
>was purchased to assure immediate SL Lab success. Steve Deak is an industry
>dinosaur and refuses to change his ways, although he is softening his
>position in recent months. It's "his way or the highway." Nonetheless, we
>have found bridgeworks to be quite easy and fast in support generation,
>however cryptic in command line execution when tweaking supports. We have
>found several instances where Vista did not automatically recognize geometry
>needing support while bridgeworks created sufficient support. Vista's
>graphical interface is a plus, but I find the time used in reviewing
>supports in Maestro to be more than reviewing BW supports using 3D Systems
>Its a matter of preference, how you grew up and how old you are in the
>Steve "Tyrannosaurus Rex" Deak

The Bridgeworks software is available as an option to SolidView, so you can
avoid the "cryptic" command line and view the supports on any PC.

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