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From: Robert E. M. Lloyd (
Date: Thu Jun 05 1997 - 06:22:05 EEST

On 4 Jun 97, Brock Hinzmann wrote:

> The lines in LOM parts can be adjusted for color and sanded to give
> the apearance of a wood sculpture. Lighting can be placed inside
> translucent RP materials for some desired affects. We have seen
> several comments on this mailing list regarding color RP. It seems
> to me that some modelmakers may take some pleasure in their work
> from such aspects of RP, but has anyone besides a few artists tried
> to make a business from the aesthetic side?

As another example of using the inherent properties of RP materials
as a good thing, I invite you to take a look at my MFA thesis show

While some pieces are to be cast in metal, much of my work is
intended to use the RP material as the final object, with as little
post-processing as possible.

Rob Lloyd

Robert E. M. Lloyd

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