" viral stair stepping"

From: Elaine Persall (persall@ces.clemson.edu)
Date: Fri Jun 06 1997 - 15:13:45 EEST

I prefer the negatives into opportunities approach.... Dr. Dooley taught
me that years ago
when a model of a hip failed to skin over leaving an internal mesh that
could not be created
by any other method. I saw a defected model....he saw a model that would
promote bone
growth.....guess it depends on where one stands to view the world.....

 michael rees wrote........
>I have always viewed the pattern of stair stepping to be one of the
>wonderful aesthetic features of this technology. It adds texture to the

When I think of all the sanding I've done....this becomes an interesting
it shows that the beauty is in the eye of the beholder. A tool maker would

>of the most beautiful models have been ones where the supports were
>still attached.

Since this part of the clean up act is most difficult....I failed to see
why SBs would
not send them out..less handwork to be done the better....

>Secondly this stuff is cool as it is--totally wonderful stuff!!!!

RP systems are totally cool....but......I can tell from your statements that
you have NEVER operated a system..dealt with thedifficulties, explained
to customers why the parts aren't done, came in after a night to find
crap for a part ( I call them patent pendings) , or had CAD files that just
would NOT build correctly.
Over the years I have produced many one of a kind.....never before

>this problem may easily be
>resolved (for art). Enter scale. Everything at some level or size has

As students perform their research here I remind them to assume
 the mindset of a perfect system or material where anything is possible.
>From that they can determine a roadmap from what actually happens versus
what was predicted. You can bet that the predicted course is only
partially correct.
Anything is possible at some level or size............and every problem
re-solvable at some stage.
You just might not like the solutions or answer but hey that's another

>This is an area where art and engineering may part company.

I have yet to meet an engineer that was not an artist first.... They seem
to be genetically inclined to be more musical and visual than other students.
The more artistic...... the better the engineer! I have never seem an ad
for a "starving
engineering sale"......

>perfection. What would be more perfect than a dish washing soap bottle
>with attendent stairstepping? Why are they smooth anyway? Come on, admit

I can also tell you are NOT a housewife.......Smooth surfaces prevent germs
from killing you..... A textured surface might help in handling a soap
bottle but don't expect
a housewife to buy a germ hiding surface for her kitchen. NASTY>>>>>>>.

>, all of the rp technologies have fascinating distinct
>characteristics which can be exploited in the design process.

That's why we struggle with which one to apply to what application.
Good or bad....each RP systems produces a unique product that can
be used by many people for many reasons. Imagination is the key ingredient.
Many people are missing that component when it comes to business and money.

> I, for one, am smelling the coffee.

Hope that coffee cup does not have stairstepping...if so use that smoooooth
bottle and wash it real well. Hate to lose a valuable RP visionary to
"viral stairstepping".....
Anyone working on a cure?


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