Re: viral stari stepping: Color, an infectious quality

From: michael rees (
Date: Fri Jun 06 1997 - 23:15:10 EEST

Don Wilde wrote:
> >> I, for one, am smelling the coffee.
> >Hope that coffee cup does not have stairstepping...if so use that
> >smoooooth
> >detergent
> >bottle and wash it real well. Hate to lose a valuable RP visionary to
> >"viral stairstepping".....
> You are rich, Elaine, with humor... From a software 'artist' who agrees
> with both of you about what should be a viable use of RP -- if it gets
> cheaper <g> -- I am also a model builder and I look forward to a desktop
> machine with color. I think the Actua has its uses in this arena, as do
> the Sanders and Z developments. (See, I do think RP has its place! ;) )
> My coffee cup doesn't get germs... the thick layer of coffee
> buildup doesn't agree with them.

Just in case the developers are listenting let me chant again "Full
Photographic Resolution Color--Full Photographic Resolution Color--Full
Photographic Resolution color" and "RP machines at Kinkos, RP machines
at KINkO"S, Rp Machines at Kinkos.

Sorry, I couldn't resist.

michael rees
4501 belleview
kansas city mo 64111

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