FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Denton and Company, Inc. to build "Virtual Industrial Mall"

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Date: Sat Jun 07 1997 - 20:27:25 EEST

                                                                   Denton and Company, Inc.

Denton and Company, Inc. to build "Virtual Industrial Mall"

Virtual store fronts have the ability to allow customers to purchase industrial supplies online using various payment methods.

        Commerce Township, MI - June 5, 1997 - Denton and Company, Inc. has announced plans to build a virtual industrial mall using InterSHOP Mall a software package from InterSHOP Communications, Inc., Burlingame, CA as its backbone. The mall which is capable of housing over 200 "Store Fronts" will be initially geared toward the Rapid Prototyping industry and it's suppliers of polyurethane's and related materials. Once established the mall will be opened to any industry that has a desire to conduct electronic commerce. Denton and Company, Inc. currently offers InterSHOP store fronts to retail establishments with The Works Salon and Mini Spa, Walled Lake, MI as it's first virtual retail outlet.
        Each store front in the mall is a totally separate and self contained entity. Stores in the mall can accept several different methods of payment, such as, CyberCASH, Purchase Orders, COD and many other formats. Store owner's have full control over their store and can administer it using a web browser such as Netscape Navigator or MicroSoft's Internet Explorer. All administration is done over the Internet.

        The Industrial mall helps eliminate the time and geological boundaries that may normally interfere with the purchase decision. Once an order has been entered it can be either emailed or faxed to the store owner for immediate shipment. "I don't have to wait for my sales person to phone back and confirm orders, nor, do I have to be frustrated with busy signals. A few clicks of my mouse button and I'm done" Says Al DeWitt President of Rapid Solutions, Inc. A Troy, MI based rapid prototyping service bureau.

        Although the industrial mall website is located at

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