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From: michael rees (
Date: Tue Jun 10 1997 - 19:32:50 EEST

It is well known that the presence of a high feature low cost modeler
could would make rp popular and enlarge its installed base. It would
also make for greater potential to enter shops like Kinko's. As we all
know trispectives was disappointing. Well here's news from another part
of the cad/modelling world.

The acis kernel has been incorporated into a new modeler put out by
Electric Image. Electric image has long been the preeminent Mac
animation program. Recently their prices have dropped and they are
adding a cad modeler to their product line. THe modeler alone, with an
excellent rendering engine, will sell for US 995$. The modeler is set to
compete with another excellent 3d Modeler "Form Z renderzone"
(US$2,000). Note that because this is an acis modeler it takes advantage
of seamless integration between other cad modelers using the .sat
format. It is also a solids based modeler.

The EI modeler will not be out until sometime in July. I haven't seen it
but based on some assumptions anticipate that it will be strong. It will
be available in Windows '95, NT, alpha NT, Unix, and macintosh platform.
Hopefully it will be a significantly more robust program than
Trispectives. Animators will typically model objects with lots of facets
and create large files. Early beta reports are strong.

It is my contention that the rp industry must begin to look closely at
all the various animation programs that are out there. They have the
potential for popularizing the rapid prototyping process. The number of
popular users who are learning animation is enormous, perhaps larger
than cad. Here is another market potential for the rp companies. Rp
companies should contact and work directly with these companies to
insure that the stl file format is included and that the average
animation user knows of the potential of stl models.

check out their web site at <>

I am not associated with Electric Image in any way.

michael rees
1212 West 8th St.
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