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From: Gerald K. Stevenson Sr. (
Date: Wed Jun 11 1997 - 03:00:28 EEST

Matt Balogh (R) wrote:
> I attended the SME show this past April '97 and remember seeing a booth there
> setup for destructive methods to generate point cloud of data from existing
> parts/hardware.
> Can someone send me some information about reverse engineering from existing
> parts/hardware? I am currently in contact with Scientific Measurement Systems
> about their CT X-ray scan process. However, I would like more information on
> the milling process and do not know any vendors that perform the work.
> Laser scanning does not fit our need due to internal features needed.
> Thank you in advance for your help...
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> Regards,
> Matt Balogh
> Product CAD/CAM Methods
> Analytical Powertrain, Ford Motor Company
> (313)323-1701

I will contact you on Wed. 6/11 to discuss your needs.
We are an AEC for CGI that provides sales and support in Michigan.
With a staff of fifteen, three Laser Scanners, five CMMS and the CGI, we
are able to handle any digitizing need.

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