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New CATIA Release Improves Solid Design,
Styling, Optimization and Manufacturing Solutions

        CHARLOTTE, N.C. and PARIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 11, 1997--

        Enhanced capabilities for Fabrication and Assembly, Automotive
                        and Consumer Goods industries

      IBM(a) (NYSE: IBM) and Dassault Systemes (Nasdaq: DASTY) today
  introduced new products and functions for CATIA-CADAM(b) Solutions,
  the world leader in delivering a fully integrated product
  development environment.

      With 8 new products and enhancements to 45 others, CATIA-CADAM
  Solutions Version 4 Release 1.8 now has a suite of 107 products,
  that offer companies of all sizes an affordable way to gain
  significant benefits from concurrent design simulation and
  manufacturing in collaborative computing environment. The new
  release offers unmatched competitive capabilities in solid design,
  styling, optimization, and manufacturing disciplines. Worldwide
  general availability is June 13.

      Automotive and consumer goods customers will benefit from new
  integration with industry leading styling solutions and accelerated
  specification-driven shape design. When large scale solid modeling
  is required, such as in Automotive Powertrain design, new
  concurrent design methodologies offer more efficiency and higher
  productivity. Creation and manipulation of large assemblies is
  faster and easier for customers in various fabrication & assemblies
  industries. Release 1.8 also delivers an enhanced interface
  between CATIA Data Management and ProductManager(a), IBM's leading
  Product Data Management solution.

        Highlights of CATIA-CADAM Solutions 4.1.8 include:

      The Assembly Modeling product is enhanced for customers in the
  fabrication and assembly industries, to include a new easy-to-use
  graphical tree-based assembly management tool. Creation and
  manipulation of multilevel assemblies is faster, with shorter
  overall design time and reduced errors.

      A new Generative Shape Modeling product for users in automotive
  and consumer goods industries, where ergonomic and aesthetic
  styling issues are critical, is based on the capture of design
  specifications. Thin parts can be designed in an associative way.
  Also the new CATIA-Alias Interoperability product enables the
  efficient interchange of data between CATIA and Alias, the computer
  aided industrial design product from Alias|Wavefront(d). This
  makes it possible for stylists and engineers to collaborate earlier
  -- and more productively -- on designs.

      Substantial productivity gains are delivered for companies
  where solid modeling of large parts is a major requirement, such as
  in Automotive Powertrain design. New concurrent design
  methodologies enable a structured design approach that reduces
  design time, model size and change cycle. Designs can be changed
  and drawings generated from 2 to 10 times faster compared with
  CATIA Version 4 Release 1.6.

      A new CATIA Generative Part Optimization product dramatically
  improves product design by automatically adjusting part dimensions
  to achieve stress deformation targets and weight requirements. By
  allowing design optimization studies to be performed at the
  earliest stage of the cycle, it produces high-quality designs as
  fast as possible with minimal specialist skill and reduced costs.

      Two new products for Manufacturing customers extend the range
  of fully interactive geometry-based (programmer level) and process-
  oriented semi-automatic (assistant level) products. These products
  give customers more flexibility in choosing the level of company
  know-how automatically included in the manufacturing process. As a
  result, part programming is handled with greater quality and
  productivity. Surface Machining Programmer is a complete and easy-
  to-use product which generates 3 Axis / 3D Milling programs. Multi-
  Axis Machining Programmer, takes advantage of technology from
  Numerical Control Computer Sciences (NCCS), and addresses the need
  in the aerospace industry for complex machining functions.

      Digital mock-up inspection using CATIA 4D Navigator environment
  is also enhanced. Users can invoke multi-windowing capabilities to
  conveniently inspect mock-ups from several viewpoints at the same
  time. Users can also display colliding parts or the progress of a
  profile produced by a dynamic sectioning operation. The new
  release also offers new clash and clearance detection capabilities,
  dynamic part motion, sectioning and annotation.

      A new CDM-PM Integration product provides an unsurpassed level
  of CAD/CAM and PDM integration. It couples the graphical product
  structure management and design-in-context function in CATIA Data
  Management with the configuration management, change control, and
  development management features in IBM's ProductManager(a). Users
  throughout the extended enterprise can have access to design data
  on a timely and accurate basis.

      For AEC Plant designers and shipbuilders, there are
  enhancements to the AEC Infrastructure and 4D Navigator products.
  The enhancements provide access to the non-graphical attributes of
  the components during an interactive 3D design review. For
  shipbuilders, AEC Ship Hull Design is a new product that takes full
  advantage of the component-based AEC infrastructure while being
  integrated with all other disciplines such as piping, equipment and
  ductwork. It allows shipbuilders to be more productive when
  creating and modifying the structural parts of a ship.

      CATIA-CADAM Solutions Version 4 provide unique Solutions for
  integrated product and processes development and teamwork
  optimization. They include an evolutionary architecture which
  enables customer growth and leading-edge applications for task and
  process optimization. CATIA-CADAM Solutions are developed by
  Dassault Systemes and marketed by IBM and more than 200 IBM
  Business Partners worldwide. These solutions are leaders in the
  CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM marketplace and more than 9,000 companies worldwide
  use them to move products from "art to part" faster and with
  greater quality assurance. Many of the world's largest
  manufacturers as well as smaller companies with as few as one or
  two seats, are gaining a competitive advantage and achieving design
  excellence with these systems.

      Editor's Note: A complete briefing package on Release 18 is
  available upon request. This package contains pictures
  illustrating Release 1.8 together with a copy of this press
  release, CATIA-CADAM Application Architecture, CATIA-CADAM
  Mechanical Design, CATIA-CADAM Analysis & Simulation Solutions,
  CATIA-CADAM Manufacturing Solutions, CATIA-CADAM AEC Plant Design
  and Shipbuilding Solutions press releases and detailed information
  documents. CATIA-CADAM Solutions press releases and general
  information on CATIA are available on the CATIA home page at . IBM press releases are also available
  on the Internet, via the IBM Home Page at .
  The IBM Fax Information Service allows you to receive facsimiles of
  prior IBM product press releases. Dial 1-800-IBM-4FAX and enter
  "99" at the voice menu.

   (a) Indicates a trademark or registered trademark of International
  Business Machines Corporation (b) CATIA is a registered trademark
  of Dassault Systemes SA. (c) CADAM is a registered trademark of
  Dassault Systemes of America. (d) Alias\Wavefront is a trademark of
  Wavefront, a subsidiary of Silicon Graphics Inc.


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