Re: Rapid Tooling alternative

From: Dan Sammons (
Date: Wed Jun 11 1997 - 22:10:43 EEST

We have built SLA core / cavity toolig for almost 2 years using
5170/5180/5190 only.
The backfilling techniques that we have used / experimented with has
included the
aluminum-filled epoxy as well as low melting metals.

Dan Sammons
Design Prototyping Technologies, Inc.

Victor Moreno wrote:
> Hi Mike,
> Thank you for your reply, I'd read a document of Dr. Jacobs where is
> mentioned the use of SL cavities and cores backed with aluminium-filled
> epoxy resins. For these cavities the SL parts are made using a SL 5170
> epoxy resin and the ACES style ( I think it is called ACES injection
> Molding or "AIM").
> Here in my university I have a SLA 250 that is still working with an acrylic
> resin (5149), this is a problem because the resin has a lower resistence
> than the epoxy resin, so I'm not sure if the acrylic resin will work.
> Have you try the AIM process with an acrylic resin ?
> Regards.

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