Reliability of alternative tooling

From: Lena Apelskog Killander (
Date: Fri Jun 13 1997 - 09:56:51 EEST

How reliable are alternative tools?

Over the last few years many of us have tried various rapid tooling
techniques for manufacturing inserts for injection moulding. There are also
many approaches regarding the manufacturing method choosen.

When discussing alternative tooling with my own colleagues and also with
some of you it seems that there is a range regarding how many parts it was
actually possible to manufacture in the various alternative tools.

Since I assume this is a quesetion that would be of interest to many of us.
I am asking for feedback on

1. What alternative tooling technique you have tried
2. How many parts were you able to injection mould into the tool
3. If the number of parts were less than the expected lifetime of the tool
is there an explanation to this?

I will summarize the result I get back from you and post it on the mailing-list

Best regards Lena Apelskog Killander
Lena Apelskog Killander
IVF, The Swedish Institute of Production Engineering Research

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