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>(MOLDFLOW/DASSAULT) Moldflow and Dassault Systemes Announce a New
> Initiative In Their CAA Strategic Development Partnership
   CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 16, 1997, National Plastic
> Exposition 97--
> Through Part Adviser Integration in CATIA, Plastic Part
> Designers Will Be Able to Determine the "Manufacturability" of Their
> Designs
> Moldflow and Dassault Systemes (Nasdaq : DASTY) announced the
> signing of a development initiative in the frame of their CATIA
> Application Architecture (CAA) Strategic Development Partnership.
> The new CAA applications developed by Moldflow will provide
> customers with direct accesses from CATIA to the recently announced
> Moldflow Plastic Adviser Series.
> The premier product of the new series, Part Adviser is the
> industry's first solids-based application that allows part
> designers to quickly determine the "manufacturability" of plastic
> part designs. Part Adviser precisely simulates the plastic flow
> within any mechanical part designed with CATIA. Because simulation
> is performed directly to the CATIA solid model, Part Adviser
> enables results to be computed in minutes, rather than days.
> Through the CAA Partnership with Dassault Systemes, Moldflow
> will develop and maintain a CATIA imbedded interface that gives a
> direct access to Part Adviser to any CATIA designer. The new CATIA
> imbedded interface will be available from Moldflow worldwide.
> Under the current CAA Strategic Development Partnership,
> Moldflow has developed the CAT/MF-Integration application that
> integrates Moldflow Dynamic Series flow, cooling and warpage
> analysis within the CATIA Analysis environment. It is primarily
> intended to the injection molding analyst.
> The new CATIA-Part Adviser combined solution complements the
> existing CAT/MF-Integration application, as it provides Moldflow
> industry proven simulation technology to the designer desktop.
> "Our strong CAA partnership with Dassault Systemes finds a new
> ground in the delivery of Designer oriented solutions," said Marc
> Dulude, Moldflow's President and CEO. "We are proud to immediately
> provide a sound CATIA integration which enables a true moldability
> verification at the design stage."
> "The integration of Moldflow Plastic Adviser series in CATIA
> will benefit our users throughout their product and process design
> cycle," said Grard Lcina, Director Analysis & Simulation Division,
> Dassault Systemes. "This new initiative complements our Simulation
> Driven Design strategy. It focuses on design optimization for
> manufacturing, early in the plastic product definition, a key
> factor for cycle time reduction and cost saving."
> CATIA/CADAM Application Architecture (CAA) provides industries
> with the software development tools, methods, standards and
> processes required to create seamlessly integrated applications
> based on the CATIA open architecture. These industry specific
> application software based on object-oriented technology,
> complement the CATIA/CADAM Solutions. The CAA partnership program
> creates tight development relationships with industry leading
> software developers. It is staged from CAA Development partnership
> for CAA product integration up to CAA Strategic Development
> partnership with long term plan synergy, and CAA OSD partnership
> where the CAA partner acts as an extended laboratory to Dassault
> Systmes R&D organization. The CAA partnership program encompasses
> 32 CAA Partners.
> CATIA-CADAM Solutions Version 4 provide unique Solutions for
> integrated product and processes development and teamwork
> optimization. They include an evolutionary architecture that
> enables customer growth and leading-edge applications for task and
> process optimization. CATIA-a and CADAM-b are developed by
> Dassault Systmes and marketed and supported worldwide by IBM.
> These solutions are leaders in the CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM marketplace with
> more than 9,000 customers. Many of the world's largest
> manufacturers as well as smaller companies with as few as one or
> two seats, are gaining a competitive advantage and achieving design
> excellence with these systems.
> Moldflow is the world leader in process wide plastic simulation
> software used to design and produce optimal palstic parts. Over
> 1500 customers in more than forty countries have produced billions
> of injection molded parts using the company's products. As major
> industries, including automotive, computer, aerospace, and medical,
> increasingly turn to plastics, Moldflow is delivering accurate,
> easy-to-use simulation products for all stages of plastic part
> creation.
> Part Adviser addresses key manufacturing concerns and offers
> practical advice on corrective actions for identified problems.
> For example, it informs users whether a part will fill properly,
> the location of weld lines, if and where air traps will appear and
> if the product will short shot. The unique "confidence of fill"
> plot indicates problem areas that would impede the manufacturing
> process. Part Advisor technology is based on a non-Newtonian, non-
> isothermal solver and simulates true plastic behavior.
> CAT/MF-Integration is a truly seamless integration between the
> Dynamic Series, Moldflow's suite of CAE optimization analysis tools
> for plastics, and Dassault Systemes CATIA/CADAM product range.
> With the integration of Moldflow's flow, cool and warpage analyses
> within CATIA, both product sets are significantly enhanced, and
> customers achieve a manufacturing solution from within their
> familiar CATIA environment.
> Information on CATIA-CADAM solutions is available on the CATIA
> home page at the following address: http//www.catia.ibm.com .
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