(Fwd) Moldflow announces Part Adviser integration initiatives

From: Yakov Horenstein (yakov@planet.it)
Date: Tue Jun 17 1997 - 03:00:07 EEST

> CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 16, 1997--National Plastic
> Exposition (NPE)
> Company's New Part Adviser Product To Be Integrated With Leading
> Solid Modeling CAD Systems
> Moldflow Corporation, the world leader in process-wide plastics
> simulation, today announced integration initiatives for its latest
> product, Part Adviser. Part Adviser is the industry's first solids-
> based tool for determining the "manufacturability" of injection
> molded plastic part designs. The initiatives are designed to bring
> the product to part designers worldwide. To do this, Moldflow is
> integrating Part Adviser with leading solid modeling CAD systems.
> Specifically, Part Adviser will be integrated initially with
> CATIA(R) from Dassault Systemes; Euclid3, Euclid Quantum and Strim
> from Matra Datavision; I-DEAS Master Series(TM) from Structural
> Dynamics Research Corporation; Pro/ENGINEER(R) from Parametric
> Technology Corporation; SolidDesigner from CoCreate Software, Inc.;
> and SolidWorks(R) 97 from SolidWorks Corporation.
> With its partners in the CAD community, Moldflow has developed
> these initiatives which encompass technology integration as well as
> sales and marketing plans. Once integrated, Part Adviser will be
> launched through a tool button within each CAD system. Solutions
> will be available through Moldflow and some CAD vendors' channels.
> "Today, a new era in the way companies develop plastic parts
> has begun," comments Marc Dulude, President and CEO of Moldflow.
> "Through these integration initiatives for Part Adviser, Moldflow
> will deliver solutions to part designers that will help them, for
> the first time, ensure faster time to market for injection molded
> plastic parts."
> Part Adviser addresses key manufacturing concerns and offers
> practical advice on corrective actions for identified problems.
> For example, it informs users whether a part will fill properly,
> the location of weld lines, if and where air traps will appear and
> if the product will short shot. The unique "confidence of fill"
> plot indicates problem areas that would impede the manufacturing
> process.
> "Part Adviser promises to lead the way in easy to use software;
> its built in intelligence and automation allow even mold novices to
> easily investigate the manufacturability of their designs,"
> comments Raymond Kurland, President of TechniCom, a New Jersey-
> based analysis and consulting firm specializing in the MCAD
> industry.
> Working directly from 3D solid models generated in the CAD
> package, Part Adviser eliminates the need for messy data
> translation, meshing, "midplaning" of models and manual model clean
> up. This means results, even for complex parts, are available in
> minutes rather than days or weeks. And, because the revolutionary
> new technology is based on a non-Newtonian, non-isothermal solver
> and simulates true plastics behavior, the results are extremely
> reliable.
> Part Adviser will be available on Intel-based systems running
> Windows(R) 95 and Windows NT(R) as well as the leading UNIX system
> platforms from Silicon Graphics(TM), Hewlett-Packard Company, IBM
> and Sun Microsystems.
> For more information on Moldflow and Part Adviser, please call
> Moldflow at 617/674-0085 or visit the company website at
> www.moldflow.com . Moldflow will be at Booth no. N6503 at the
> National Plastics Expo (NPE 97).

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