This month in the Rapid Prototyping Report - June 1997

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This Month in the Rapid Prototyping Report -- June 1997

*When the French explorer La Salle's 300 year old ship was discovered off
the coast of Texas, archeologists found the well-preserved remains of a
man. Using forensic techniques, they hope to reconstruct the face of the
man, known as "Bob," using a stereolithography model of the skull as a
foundation. We talk with Cyberform's Marc McAllister to find out how the
skull was digitized and then fabricated with stereolithography, and how
stereolithography helped the scientists discover some very interesting
details that they wouldn't have found otherwise

*So you want metal injection molds. There are significant problems with all
current methods for directly fabricating metal parts via rapid prototyping
or for duplicating parts using techniques such as 3D Keltool. With a new
technique called powder metal forging, it may soon be possible to make
production-quality steel injection molds directly from rapid prototyping

*For a couple of years now, creative service bureaus have been using honey
extractors to help drain excess resin out of QuickCast parts. Now Dadant &
Sons has introduced a line of extractors specially designed for rapid

*Business news
          -DTM held its initial public stock offering in May 1997. This
month we look at the prospectus for the offering and track DTM's sales and
profit/loss over the last few years.

          -3D Systems renames its Technology Center as the Tooling Center.
3D says it will still operate the center as a stereolithography service
bureau but will concentrate primarily on developing new tooling
technologies such as Keltool.

          -Helisys 3rd fiscal quarter results

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