From: Winkler Patrick C (
Date: Sun Jun 18 2006 - 18:24:53 EEST

I recently subscribed to this list. Currently, I am involved with
stereolithography research at Milwaukee School of Engineering.

I ran across a paper given at the 5th International Conference on
Rapid Prototyping in 1994 entitled, "Ultra High Resolution Stereo
Lithography for Three Dimensional Micro Fabrication" (page 37ff. in
the Proceedings) by Koji Ikuta, Ken Hirowatari and Tsukasa Ogata of
the Kyushu Institute of Technology. I would like to contact any of
those three gentlemen directly, if possible. Would you have any
information as to how I might be able to contact these people? I have
tried to email the Kyushu Institute, but no response as of yet.

Also, does anyone know of any other ongoing research, either
corporate or academic, attempting to enhance the resolution obtained
by stereolithography so that the obtained tolerances are on the micron

Patrick Winkler
Milwaukee School of Engineering

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