Date: Thu Jun 19 1997 - 10:35:20 EEST

Hey RPers

Any body out there using digitising/scanning then surface modelling of the

We use touch probes, SurfaceMaster for data offset and manipulation. For arty
bits Surface master outputs stl files directly. For others we export ascii
data or surface data from SurfaceMaster into ANVIL-5000 for creation of the
final model. Some jobs are easy some are *******s.

I'm interested to know what other people are using and how successful or not
and their perceived limitations.

Why do we use trigger probes? We could use scanning probes (contact, laser
and capacitance) however we find that the increase in time taken to capture
the data is offset by the range of jobs that we can undertake. Anyway who
wants to sit and watch a digitiser when other work can be done or when .....


John Wright

Response Assocaites Ltd.

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