Saving Money

Date: Thu Jun 19 1997 - 17:22:55 EEST

I have read with great interest the legal problems between DTM and Midwest.
What surprises me most is that I have seen little to no support for Midwest.
This appears to be a company trying to save SLS RP providers money (and make
a little themselves). My question to everyone is why has there not been any
support for this company. Do you not want to save money? Do you not believe
you are paying very high prices for your powder? Why has no one taken the
lead to band together to force a reduction in price from DTM? Do you remember
unions and the change they forced when they banded together? You not
understand the basic rule of supply and demand. Do you not realize the power
you would have united?

Think about these things! I would much like your responses.

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