New Low-Cost XYZ CNC Rigs

From: Greg Pettengill (
Date: Thu Jun 19 1997 - 23:01:32 EEST

Dear RP Community,
I am pleased to announce Super Tech & Associates
15225 North Cave Creek Road, Phoenix,
Arizona 85032 602-867-1755 FAX 602-867-1426,

Please pay a visit to our homepage

Dennis Bohlke has been hard at work creating the most cost-
effective CNC systems that I've ever seen. I beleive that he
has made a very signiicant cotribution to Rapid Prototypeing
with this truely affordable equipment and software.

SuperCam has been used to control a metal working Drill/Mill,
computerized DeWalt Wood Routers , computerize Dremel
Drills and metal cutting Plasma Torches.

SuperCam and the XYYZ Electronic Motor Controller are all you
need to control the motion of a XYZ mechanism that uses
stepper motors. We also make a Single Stepper Motor Drive that
will control one Heavy Duty or small Unipolar stepper motor
with up to 5A per phase.

We have a set of molds that produce eleven different structural
components necessary to make a CNC XYZ Table. The parts
can be purchased as a kit.

Best Regards

Greg Pettengill
Phone (602)375-2922

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