World Fastest Prototyping System

From: Masuo Namme, Shonan Design CoLtd (
Date: Fri Jun 20 1997 - 08:27:14 EEST

Shonan Design CoLtd, a leading service bureau in Japan have developed a new process of prototyping, named 'Temp-Less'.

This new process is based on the technology of UV cure raw material.

You can reverse any model by UV cure silicone within 30 minutes and make the model out of the reversed silicone mold within 10 minutes.

The merits of this process are as follows;

1) Surprisingly shorten the process time
2) Easy process without heat control
3) Simple process with one composite raw material
4) More accuracy
5) More quantity out of one silicone mold

As this process is very simple, the system is suitable for service bureaus to raise the productivity and shorten the delivery time.
Also, this is suitable for the end users to install because this systemddesign require any crcraftsmanke technology.

We, Shonan, is looking for the partner in USA and Europe to distribute this machine and raw materials.
Please contact us with;
Fax : 001-81-427-71-5353
E-Mail :

Looking forward to your inquiries.

Masuo Namme
Director, Overseas
Shonan Design CoLtd

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