Re: Desk top RP machines

From: Brad Fox (
Date: Fri Jun 20 1997 - 16:42:11 EEST

Have you looked at the new Actua 2100 from 3D Systems? The Actua is
based upon ink-jet technology and is (in my opinion) superior to the
Stratasys Genisys and Sanders machine. Primarily because:

1) Actua is faster that Genisys and much, much faster than Sanders.
2) Actua has much better detail than Genisys.
3) From what I can tell, Actua's accuracy is very good.
4) Actua is very quiet - truely an office machine.
5) Actua reliability is outstanding - we've had ours for 4 weeks and not
a single build failure.

Check out 3D's home page at and view the Actua 2100.
If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me.


Brad Fox
Rapid Design Technologies

Jim Bakkelund wrote:
> Hello RP world,
> Iplast ASA, a larger injection molding company in Norway,
> is locking for RP machines that is suiteble for the office environment.
> We have thus concluded that the two best machine types
> for us probably would be a Stratasys or a Sanders machine.
> Does anyone out there have user experience with
> either one or both of these machines, I would appreciate
> any comments.
> I am most interrested in building time (speed), accuracy, ease of use,
> ease of part and machine cleaning.......... and of cource the different
> errors that may occure with the two machine types.
> Best regards,

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