Re: Low-volume, vacuum-formed, patterned sheets

From: Michael Tsenter (
Date: Fri Jun 20 1997 - 18:53:16 EEST

M. Burns ( wrote:
> An associate of mine needs to make thin plastic sheets with various
> textures in them, such as brick patterns, stripes, etc. I believe he is
> currently making them by vacuum forming. Currently he can only make them
> in fairly large quantities because the cost of the tooling is high. Does
> anyone have any suggestions (or commercial referrals) on how to make such
> an item economically in low volumes?

Hi Marshall:

A good way to duplicate textured surfaces with vacuum forming is the
ESPOR technology. We have already made molds for production of
simulated leather grain, so very fine details are possible. Since ESPOR
is micro-porous, the plastic sheet will be formed over every tiny

ESPOR is a casting technology, so a pattern or an existing texture /
part is required. The initial steps of the ESPOR process are done in
room temperature, so any pattern or model can be used.

Another option is to mill a thin plate of METAPOR micro-porous aluminum.

Both options described above will produce tooling good enough for

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