Re: Desk top RP machines

From: Bjorn DeBear (
Date: Fri Jun 20 1997 - 22:32:18 EEST

        Reply to: RE>Desk top RP machines

Dear Jim,
        I use one of Statasys' machines called a "3D Modeler." It's a pretty
robust machine, but power surges cause build errors. I have a UPS
(uninterruptible power supply) on order, because surge protectors haven't been
enough to protect the build. I have mostly used nylon, and the results have
been pretty good. The nylon parts are very tough, and are dimensionally
accurate to within a hundreth of an inch for small parts.
       The newer Statasys machines have a second nozzle for extruding support
material, but the older versions, like mine, require a lot of creativity (and
work) when it comes to supporting overhangs and tall, slender pieces. The
Personal Modeler builds average-size turbine blades in around seven hours,
average-size vases in around thirty-eight. It is not a desk-top machine, but
it is office-friendly. Hope this helps!

Bjorn DeBear
Argonne National Laboratory

Date: 6/20/97 12:42 AM
To: Bjorn DeBear
From: Jim Bakkelund
Hello RP world,

Iplast ASA, a larger injection molding company in Norway,
is locking for RP machines that is suiteble for the office environment.
We have thus concluded that the two best machine types
for us probably would be a Stratasys or a Sanders machine.

Does anyone out there have user experience with
either one or both of these machines, I would appreciate
any comments.

I am most interrested in building time (speed), accuracy, ease of use,
ease of part and machine cleaning.......... and of cource the different
errors that may occure with the two machine types.

Best regards,

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