Rapid Prototyping foundries

From: Shadi Awwad (saa@peace.engr.ucf.edu)
Date: Sun Jun 22 1997 - 23:19:45 EEST

Dear Friends;

I was told that this is the best source for information on Rapid
Protatyping. I have the following problem that I would appreciate some
help with. Well, first things first. My name is Shadi Awwad and I work
for US Can Company in Orlando, Florida. I was assigned the task of
searching out some foundries that we can work with to utilize our
resources (an SLA-250 and I-DEAS for a CAD package) to produce steel
castings of various mechanical parts. We are trying to cut down on the
cost of sending a drawing to make a wooden pattern and on the time it
takes to get the wooden pattern back. We can create the solid model as
well as a Sterolithography model (plastic model) in house and we are
looking for a foundry that can take our Sterolithography model to use as a
master to create the mold and the casting. I am yet to find a company
that is willing, or even able to do that. Most foundries I contacted will
only use the SLA model for visualization purposes only, or they require
that they make the SLA model themselves. Maybe I should mention that we
are more interested in sand casting rather than investment casting. I
realize that I have to account for the draft angles, split line and
shrinkage when building the SLA model but that can be easily done with
proper communication with the foundry. I maybe asking a lot but I am at
least looking for a cooperative company. If you have any suggestions or
comments please feel free to send me e-mail. Thank you in advance for
your help.


Shadi Awwad

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