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Date: Wed Jun 25 1997 - 21:11:31 EEST

>From: "David K. Leigh" <>
> Where have I heard this. I remember people thinking that you would have
> large manufacturing facilities lined with SLA or SLS or similar and that
> this would be your manufacturing.

Hi RP world,

I used to work for/with Dr. Khoshnevis on Contour Crafting, implemented three iteration of the technology. Based on the practical experiments also based on the target of the process you don't have to have large manufacturing facilities lined with SLA or SLS. CC can be an independent machine based on the manufacturing target also can be employed in a wide range of applications. We built some parts with surface roughness of about 96Um and layer thickness of about 0.05"( Without surface finishing).

> A Stratasys with Smoothers?

Stratasys using FDM is laying out the material out of a very tiny nuzzle and the smoothness is defined by the size of the nuzzle. More accurate surface means smaller nuzzle, smaller nuzzle means less material, less material means more time and more time means more cost. On the other hand laying out the material doesn't guarantee layer adhesion. CC is forcing the fused material on the top of the previous layer. Once I tried to tear a wall made of polystyrene and my expectation was along the layers but the path for this breakage was crossing the layers. This means a good adhesion and unified material along the layers. Though Stratasys is a good machine but CC is not a Stratasys.

> > High-value items like boats are candidates for
> > production by the new method, the researcher believes.
> > "As we gain expertise in this method," Khoshnevis said,
> > "machines improve and cost falls. I believe this method
> > will be competitive with some manufacturing processes."
> So, how would you ship this? (no pun intended)

About shipping !!! It is easy. After manufacturing you pack the machine either in parts or fully assembled and ship it, that easy!!!!!!! (no pun intended)

Majid Aghababazadeh


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